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Our office, which is located in Bucharest, can help you receive Romanian citizenship or recover it if you lost it. CONTACT US  for more details, we will be happy to assist you.

How to gain your Romanian citizenship?

There are four ways to become a citizen of Romania and get a Romanian passport:

  • 1. You’ve legally resided in Romania for 8 (or more) years(Art. 8); OR

  • 2. You’ve been married to a Romanian AND legally resided in Romania for 5 (or more) years (Art .8); OR

  • 3. You’ve been granted asylum in Romania and meet certain criteria; OR

  • 4. One or more of your parents OR grandparents/great grandparents are/were Romanian.(art 10, Art 11)

If you are interested in starting the process for acquiring Romanian citizenship, you will be required to present official documents that prove a past connection to Romanian citizenship. For example, proof of a first or last name change from the date of your birth up until today, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

If you do not have documents that prove past citizenship, it is possible to try and locate them in Romania. We can help you and represent you at the authorities with a power of attorney from you.




  • First, you must find out if your parents or grandparents/great grandparents were Romanian citizens

    To determine whether you have relatives who were Romanian citizens, you must also take into account the fact that the historical Romanian territory also includes parts of today’s Ukraine, and territory of the Republic of Moldova.

  • Once you find out that you have a relative with Romanian citizenship, you will need to obtain the certified evidence from the Romanian authorities.


  • Then, you need to discover if your ancestors gave up their citizenship or it was revoked by the Romanian authorities or not.

    For this purpose, you only have to provide proof of your Romanian ancestry. Furthermore, it is important to note that receiving Romanian citizenship is not conditional upon the parents or grandparents being alive.


  • The file for regaining citizenship must contain all the documents required by the National Authority for Citizenship (NAC) (Ro: Autoritatea Nationala pentru Cetatenie).

  • We can help you with the file, obtain your document, check them and submit the file.

    The documents required include:

    • Your passport; civil status documents for relatives (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death or divorce certificate, certificate attesting to the change of name, etc.);
    • Written statements and written proof of the loss of Romanian citizenship;
    • If you want to establish your domicile in Romania, you will also have to present the proof of income as well as proof of your home in Romania.

At the same time, if you have children and want to obtain Romanian citizenship for them as well, you will have to include their documents in your citizenship application. It’s FREE!


We can help to submit the file for obtaining Romanian citizenship.In some case you must be personally at ANC in other cases we can represent you based on a power of attorney.


  • The information regarding the status of the file can be obtained based on a request addressed to the NAC, indicating the registration number of the file and your identification data.(we can help you with that)

  • If the file complies with all legal requirements, the President of the NAC will issue a decree granting you Romanian citizenship.

  • The decree will be communicated to you by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at the declared address.


  • Within 6 months from the approval of the file, you will have to take the oath of faith towards the Romanian state at the NAC headquarters. Otherwise, the effects of the decree to regain the Romanian citizenship will cease.

  • The Romanian citizenship certificate will be issued at the swearing-in ceremony.

  • The oath is in Romanian (of course), and here is the text:
    Jur să fiu devotat Patriei și poporului român,
    Să apăr drepturile și interesele naționale,
    Să respect Constituția și legile României.

Once you successfully complete the above steps, you can officially call yourself a Romanian citizen!

After you finalized the procedure you have to follow another distinct stage: the releasing of a Romanian passport.

It is a mistake to think that the Romanian European passport is granted to you automatically, after you had confirmed or regained the Romanian Citizenship. The releasing of a Romanian passport is a supplementary process.

After obtaining the citizenship certificate, you will need to obtain the transcript of the civil status documents (birth / marriage certificate) at the Civil Status Office in Romania. Only after you have obtained those Romanian papers you can apply for a Romanian EU passport.

 In case we can prove that your ancestor is still a Romanian citizen you are automatically Romanian citizen and we can obtain you civil Romanian documents.

The Certificate of Citizenship Status is not the Naturalization Certificate/Citizenship certificate.  It is a certification issued by the local Romanian authorities (General Directorate for Romanian Passports) stating that you or your ancestor are still a Romanian citizen.

During this procedure, Romanian authorities will check the citizenship file of the person indicated on the application, and they may issue a statement certifying that based on the records they have available the person did not lose his/her Romanian citizenship, or they may issue a declaration stating the reason why they cannot certify the person’s citizenship status. Whichever document we receive, this is the first step to follow suitable on the proceedings as: Romanian citizenship restoration; transcription of the foreign birth certificate.

If the answer will be “yes” (he/she is Romanian citizen) then we will follow the Transcription procedure of the foreign civil acts in order to obtain your Romanian number of identification (CNP) together with your Romanian birth &marriage certificates. And finally, you will have the right to submit the application for getting Romanian EU passport.

If the answer shall be “no” OR Romanian authorities will not find his/her citizenship file, then you will have to submit the application for Romanian citizenship restoration (with the language requirements in the moment when you will take the oath-at the end of the process).

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